News Per the Executive Director "today the State of Delaware dropped all charges, (against him) criminal record will show dismissals on all counts and a clean record" 

All of us in the Family Law Reform community are glad to hear this. Five arrests in 2010 resulting in six charges based on false allegations. False allegations that were not investigated before warrants were obtained. The State of Delaware knew that they had no case. To save face they imposed two conditions that Gordon agreed to for the sake of expediency. Now the next step is to get the charges expunged and his criminal record completely cleared. He can see his precious sons any time that he wants and has spent a lot of time with them this past month. 

Something needs to be done not just in Delaware but across the US about false allegations. Allegations need to be investigated before a warrant is obtained, if the allegations are false the complainant should be the one prosecuted.  

Any comments or questions on this news should be directed to Gordon by sending him a message on his fb page.

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