Links to eBooks that might be of interest to visitors to our website. These eBooks  are not our products and there is no membership discount, for FLAIR members (see Join Now or Contribute). The links below the title take you directly to the sellers. The Webmaster has evaluated information provided by the sellers, for hundreds of eBooks but not purchased any of the eBooks. eBooks, will not be on this website regardless of popularity, if the content is something that we are philosophically opposed to such as a popular eBook on successful divorce tactics that suggests being the first to file a restraining order. FLAIR is adamantly opposed to filing false police reports or false civil allegations of abuse. If you purchase any of these eBooks we would appreciate your feedback. Also, we receive a small commission for any purchase that you make and that money is used to continue the cause of reform in the family law system. Copy and paste the link into your address bar.  


Child Custody Strategies DELUXE Package for Men

Child Custody Library

Child Custody Strategies (versions for Men or Women)

Co-Parenting Nightmare

How to Co-Parent Successfully with Your Ex

How do I Tell the Kids About the Divorce a Storybook Guide

Inspired  Parenting

Child Custody Evaluation and Mediation Preparation

How to Improve Your Child's Behavior

Grandparents Rights for Custody and Visitation


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