At the May   2010, Family Law Commission meeting something monumental, something unthinkable,
occured - someone stood and shared with the Commission (with Family Court Chief Judge Kuhn and Chief Court Administrator Guy Sapp in attendance) that the Domestic Violence advocates at Kent County Family Court actually encourage women to exaggerate and distort accusations of domestic abuse for purposes of attaining a Protection From Abuse order (PFA).

What was so monumental and unthinkable about this you say? We consistently hear this from those who are "falsely accused" .What differentiated this person from the others?
She was not the accused, she was actually the petitioner in a PFA case where she stated she felt  exploited and taken advantage of by the Domestic Violence Advocates at the Kent County Family Court.
Now, grant it this bombshell certainly went off with out any fanfare from Judge Kuhn and Guy Sapp and in fact it is as if they never heard her. Why? Because to acknowledge this fact would mean their entire VAWA funded Domestic Violence system has become perverted and lost it's way and screams out for reform.
Why are they allowed to continue to perpetuate such gross distortions of "justice"
Simple - they very skillfully distort truth and reality.
I will give you examples of 3 prominent individuals involved in the domestic violence industry and quotes that will help validate my assertions even further:
James G. Mcgiffin Jr. - Community Legal Aid and former Family Court Commissioner- At the February 18, 2010, when asked what does a Commissioner base their ruling on when deciding on a PFA -  Mr. Mcgiffin states that the most important thing that the Commissioner bases their decision on is the demeanor of the accused."
Demeanor.. the most important? What about facts and evidence? Not a subjective perception of a person's physical bearing... Mr. Mcgiffin, do they actually teach that at the Law School you attended? 

Sgt. Randy Fisher - Delaware State Police Domestic Violence Coordinator - 
At the May 14, 2009, Family Law Commission Meeting, when questioned about the State Police's policy on automatic arrest as it pertains to a domestic call:
"The officer would make an investigation. The officer will question both parties and any witnesses.
see if any one of them have injuries. Also, he looks at their past history. such as any domestic violence history and any PFA history. There are many things that the officer has to do when he arrives. He will not take just one person's word.

 Sgt. Fisher, with all due espect, this just is not accurate...
According to the Delaware State Police response to the recmmendation made by the DVCC in their 2008 report - "It is the practice of  the Delaware State Police that all officers sign warrants in misdemeanor domestic violence cases. An addition will be made to the current policy in the Delaware State Police Division Manual in 2009. The police will require investigating officers to sign all misdemeanor domestic violence warrants. Sir, according to your policy, this constitutes an "investigation".
Dana Harrington-Connor: At the May19,2009, Family Law Commission, when asked if a PFA stays on a peron's record and does it ever end for the accused? Mistakingly states 
"The PFA does not come under a person's criminal record, because this is a civil matter. It is not like they have committed the crime odf domestic violence (duh?), so the PFA expires in a year and goes out of DELGIS and does not become a part of their criminal history.
    Not true. When a criminal history is checked the words PFA History will appear.
Ms. Harrington-Connor try, in an economy with a  9-10 % unemployment rate explaining to a potential employer what the acronym - PFA stands for and the distinctive difference between it being a "civil matter" and a "criminal matter".
I have several more enlightening quotes from different individuals that I will share at a later time that will show just how out of touch they really are.
Gordon Smith
"It is hardly a moral act to encourage someone to patiently endure an injustice that they them selves are not willing to endure."

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