What is that great sucking sound? That would be the sound of the dozen or so state and private agencies within the state of Delaware  that have their lips firmly attached to the teats of the Great Cash Cow: VAWA.

 The total amount allocated statewide for fiscal year 2009 was just under $1,000,000.00

at $903,933.00. I'm sure this past fiscal year of 2010 came even closer to the 1,000,000.00 mark for the first state.

As I looked over the report, it became even more obvious as to why their was such state level resistance to simply acknowledging that there are systemic problems that exist regarding certain domestic violence/Family Law policies.

I quote former Family Law Commission Chairperson - Senator Liane Sorenson - 

 Senator Sorenson said that what had been requested of Attorney General Biden was for him to share with us what your office is doing and what your new Family Division is doing, and the issue that keeps coming up at our Public Hearings once a year and also by members of the public is the issue of False Allegations. She said the public has asked why people get away with lying - 

Family Law Commission meeting April 17, 2008

I quote Child Psychologist and Family Law Commission member  - Harriet Ainbinder said she wanted to remind everyone that previously we had the Attorney General here to talk about false allegations, and he told us that essentially he (Attorney General Biden) would not pursue that because of various legal issues.

Family Law Commission meeting May 14, 2009

As you will see in the above sentence, one might could substitute "various economic issues" for "various legal issues."

From these agencies in question, I would like to highlight just 5 of them respectively:

1) Department of Justice  Amount Allocated: $214,685.00  

Concept Title: VAWA Prosecution

This hefty amount - according to the CJC Form is designated for one DAG to strengthen the response and prosecution of those accused of domestic violence.

 2) Child Inc.   Amount Allocated: $118,698.00 - Eileen Williams sitting member of Family Law Commission and employee of Child Inc.

Concept Title: State wide DVAC in Family Court

3) Capitol Police   Amount Allocated: $45,000 - Detective Lawrence Davis is a sitting member of the Family Law Commission and an employee of the Capitol Police Department.

Concept Title: PFA Hearings Duty

4) Family Court   Amount Allocated: $40,683.00 - Judge William Walls is a sitting Family Law Commission member and a Family Court Judge.

Concept Title: DV Coordinator

5) Criminal Justice Council   Amount Allocated: $45,196.00 - Bridget Poulle is a member of the CJC and the Executive Director of the Delaware Coordinating Council on Domestic Violence.

Concept Title: Administration

Unobligated Balance:    Amount Allocated: $52,991.00   

This unknown allocation is determined by the VAWA Implementation Committee........(?) 

 Yes, when I researched the Grant Program Report, I understood where that great sucking sound was coming from and why these fine upstanding individuals do so militantly fight to maintain status quo for their programs. 

Yes, maintaining a system that prosecutes the innocent is just a method of cash flow for the status quo.


More on the sucking sound or should I say the various agencies who feed from VAWA funding. Ironically, the guest speakers at the last Family Law Commission meeting on April were Cpl. Adrienne Owen (Delaware State Police Domestic Violence Unit) and 

Attorney David McGiffin (Community Legal Aid Society) These individuals serve as the talking heads to sell you on their product and maintain the cash flow for the status quo.

 1) Delaware State Police    Amount Allocated: $39,625.00 - 

This amount is much higher but I was not able to attain the exact amount.

 Concept Title: Law Enforcement Training  

In 2009, a group of Delaware State Troopers  attended a conference in Costa Mesa, California ( Cpl. Owen selected?)

Through this tax payer funding the Delaware State Police are able to create positions and hold other cushy conferences at other places such as Dover Downs.

 2) Community Legal Aid Society Inc.   Amount Allocated: $62,395.00 -

 Concept Title: Domestic Violence Legal Services Kent and Sussex Counties

Year of Funding: 15

David McGiffin - Not only is he the Community Legal Aid PFA Prosecutor - but he also holds the position of Dover City Councilman, President of the Delaware BAR Association and former Family Court Commissioner - 

Vested Interest?

 When responding to the FLC Chairperson regarding the public outcry on the issue of false allegations - Mr. McGiffin answered - "The most important thing the Commissioner bases his opinion on is the demeanor of the person who is being charged. "(Family Law Commission meeting February 18,2010)

Not evidence... but something as subjective and quantifiably challenging as "demeanor".

But of course, in regard to the sucking sound this standard of evidence will show the high numbers of cases needed to maintain the VAWA funding. Oh and by the way Mr. McGiffin, an individual who is falsely accused and seeing his constitutional rights stripped from him might not have the best demeanor.

Gordon Smith   (4/19/11)

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