Delaware State Police employee arrested for entering false information

 Back in November 2009 a civilian employee was arrested for filing false information into the Delaware Justice Information System (DELGIS) regarding an offender and personal acquaintance.
On January 13, 2010, an employee from either the Delaware Family Court or the Delaware State Police erroneously entered false information into DELGIS regarding me. Subsequently,
 I was falsely inprisoned.
When the falsely entered information was discovered, I received an apology from Family Court Officials, charges dismissed, arrest expunged, and bond money reimbursed.
Even with the egregious consequences of the false information being filed there was never an official law enforcement investigation. Why was there an investigation with the formentioned individual case resulting in prosecution and my aberrational experience(s) as Guy Sapp calls it - swept under the rug?
It is clear whether it's the entering of false information into DELGIS by a Delaware State Police employee, total disregard by DSP - Troop 3 for lawful subpoenas, total disregard by Delaware State Police (Troop 3) of irrefutable physical evidence that showed an individual filed a false police report,  or being subjected to delusional allegations(Senator Blevins office ?) that I damaged a door and entered an unauthorized area - 
The Family Court, Delaware State Police and evidently someone in Legislative Hall play by their own set of rules, with truth taking a back seat.

Whether it is Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas or the former Georgia Kindergarten teacher - Tonya Craft- who was recently acquitted of false allegations and has now filed a Federal lawsuit - 
False allegations degrade the system that is there to protect and denigrates true victims.

 October 2010
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