I am a victim of domestic violence... this past August, in a Protection From Abuse order that I filed, the Commissioner ruled that he found by a preponderance of evidence that I had been the victim of at least one act of domestic violence.

When I walked into the court room, not one but two Kent County Family Court advocate's, a Kent County Family Court official and last but not least a Community Legal Aid Attorney were all seated directly behind the perpetrator... When I asked the bailiff why they were all there in a clearly adversarial posture in regard to me - the victim - he replied - it was his courtroom and he could let anyone he wanted into it! 
This proverbial cheer-leading section, who were there for moral support of the perpetrator did not speak nor make eye contact with me.
Not a very good first impression for a victim of domestic abuse to say the least.
After the Commissioner ruled in my favor and granted me the Protection From Abuse order, the aforementioned moral support group in a even greater paradoxical moment gathered around the perpetrator - ironically, giving her advice and encouragement.
As a victim were my feelings hurt?  :(    No... of course not.

The ruling in my favor flies in the face of their VAWA funded and ideologically driven programs and I share this with you to show how distorted and perverse the entire Domestic Violence Industry truly is..... 
Victim Advocate? Based on the previously mentioned scenario - How about changing the title to
 Perpetrator Advocate.

Gordon Smith

October 2010
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