As I reflect on the past 22 eye opening months... I might have been able to just move on... take my blows, lick my wounds wrought by a justice system that has deviated from it's purpose.... literally homeless - (thank God for the Dover Men's Homeless Shelter), property taken, falsely entered into DELGIS resulting in my false arrest and inprisonment (this can be officially verified), continued police harrassment, bond money expended as a result of the State of Delaware rewarding false allegations, etc.

Yeah, I just may have been able to just crawl away, and sum it up to a - que, sera, sera experience, you know... it is what it is, a hell of a learning experience.
But there are two individuals who will not allow me to just move on and forget about this nightmare....
Gavin and Greyson Smith - My precious boys - ages 4 and 3. I, their father, have been kept out of their lives for months at a time by a system that allows itself to (unashamedly) be exploited and used by malicious and disturbed individuals.
This is devastating.
This unforgivable breach of justice is what created an activist. I will be relentless in bringing awareness to the anti-constitutional anti-family policies of the State of Delaware and the Domestic Violence Industry.
To my sons: I love you Gavin and Greyson.
 October 2010
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