This is a site for parents, grandparents and others who believe that change is possible in the family court system and that together we can make it happen. 

FLAIR's current focus is on children's right to equal and shared parenting, enforcement of court orders of parenting time, child support and child support enforcement that is in the best interest of the children and domestic violence laws that strengthen protection for victims and punish false allegations. Our goal is to address these issues on state and federal level and work in coalitions with other organizations to affect change in family law. 

We are a nonprofit association (501 (c) 3). Join us to make a difference.


Erik B. Romerhaus, Director of Governmental Affairs and Interim Executive Director

Erik lives in Florida near his three beautiful children, where he maintains a loving relationship and meaningful presence in their lives. He is a strong proponent for shared parenting laws and believes it is crucial for father's to maintain a meaningful presence in their children's lives and foster an ongoing loving and supportive relationship with them.    

He has a BS in Computer Information Systems from Indiana State University and extensive experience in IT systems, programming and web design and Real Estate Management. 

As a result of false allegations used as a divorce tactic he became active in the family law reform movement. Erik is the former National Coordinator of the Domestic Violence Legislation Project and the DVLP in Florida. He has addressed Florida Legislators at the Capitol as well as local public hearings and appeared on local news. 

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Catherine Gibson, Managing Director

After helping countless people with problems in Family Court she realized that the problems were systemic and reform needed to be made legislatively.

Catherine is active in lobbying efforts locally and in Washington on family law and related issues. She  advocates for individuals, as time allows, liaising  with agencies and entities, on their behalf. 

She is a former legal assistant and mediator. Previously she worked in a law office that handled 400-450 divorces a year. Catherine has a BA and is pursuing a Masters degree.

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Barbara L. Fitzsenry, Director of Strategic Planning

 Barbara is the mother of two sons, an artist, a poet, a web designer, an historical genealogist, a writer, a political activist, a world traveler, and a woman who worked within the legal system in various states for the past 20-25 years. She had done so assuming that, in most cases, justice would prevail, and that it was our duty to make sure that it did. As a prior “victim” of family and sexual abuse, domestic violence and PAS years before there were terms to describe such issues and laws to protect women and/or the rights of children, she had an appreciation and respect for both issues of law and human rights as well as the indignities and suffering of abuse and the inequality of family rights. Several years ago, however, she was made aware of certain extremes which had now developed in practices and policies of law she originally thought to be sacrosanct. It became apparent to her that something was seriously wrong.; thousands of families and individuals were actually being thrown under the bus to ease the conscience of our collective society's responsibility rather than truly resolving the issues of relationship and family conflict and protecting those in harm’s way. It became essential for her to not only study the issue and judicial processes involved, but to understand what went wrong and why this had happened. By itself, however, understanding was only the first step; it was essential to TAKE ACTION and find a better way.

For the past five years Barbara has worked diligently in respect of issues regarding civil rights, family equality, parental rights and Constitutionally-established liberties in Washington DC and Florida. She has been involved with The Hudson Institute, RADAR, Women for VAWA Reform, SAVE, MensENews and My Dad's Voice as an advocate and media moderator for and in support of victims of domestic violence, working and lobbying at both the Federal and State level and now considers it her privilege to educate and bring about awareness on the issue of the Falsely Accused as one of the most destructive, harmful and unconstitutional distortions of our rights as citizens of a democratic, civilized and just society.


 Gordon Smith, co-founder, former Executive Director and  permanent Director

"My children are most important in my life and I want to be an example to them that an individual can make a difference."

Gordon, is the proud father of two sons, age 6 and 5. 

Originally from Georgia, he is a former Probation Officer and has experience in Corporate Undercover Investigation, Loss Prevention and Retail Management.

His Op Ed Articles have been published in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today as well as several local newspapers. 

Gordon co-founded FLAIR with his friend Catherine Gibson. He has lobbied on the state and federal level for reform on family law related issues and educates the public on those issues. He is also the past Delaware Coordinator for SAVE and was the Director of Candidate Awareness for SAVE.

Gordon has a BA in Intercultural Studies



Hilary Madsen, Domestic Violence Coordinator

Hilary is a graduate of the University of Utah, Master of Social Work, Advanced Standing Program. She is a member of the Mortar Board Senior Honor Society and Phi Kappa Alpha Social Work Honor Society. 

She is a LCSW in private clinical practice in Salt Lake City, Utah. Hilary is a licensed domestic violence counselor, certified anger management instructor and she also specializes in trauma and PTSD. Hilary works with both male and female domestic violence victims. 

She is a member of the Utah Domestic Violence Coordinating Counsel Coalition and the former Utah Coordinator for Stop Abusive and Violent Environments

Hilary is proficient in German and Japanese and lived in Japan for 3 and a half years. 

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Leisha Tringali, Media Moderator and Public Relations

Leisha is originally from Ohio, the mother of two children 17 and 14. After years of being victimized by family court and witnessing judicial misconduct resulting in families being destroyed by the Middlesex Probate and Family Court, in Massachusetts,  Leisha became an activist.  

She spearheaded efforts for legislative reform and was instrumental in achieving the passage of Jessica's law in MA. She organized a protest that shut down the second busiest courthouse in America for one day. Leisha has directed and produced videos on child support issues and child welfare including a video for Father's and Families. Leisha is a former organizer of an annual rally in DC. She's currently the social media moderator for a number of children's rights and family rights organizations. Leisha is married and lives in New Hampshire. 

"My mission is to provide a framework for identifying, pursuing and achieving an ethical responsibility within our family court system that is destroying the American families." 

"My goal is to help others recognize their own potential abilities to create change by leading myself by good example. My desire is for others to connect in support for many issues within our broken system and thus showing a unity that can no longer be ignored. In unity we shall prevail. There is no simple resolution to the issue at hand and I understand the discouragement. We are merely reflections of our own actions. To act we are visibly seen and with this we become acknowledged. It is time to step out of the shadows and be recognized that we the people will no longer remain silent." 

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